Air coolers with axial fans

2013-05-30 12.55.03

For the dry storage of onions, a large barn is equipped with 15 air coolers with axial fans. At 9 meters height between the trusses of the steel structure, the units have finally been placed. The specially designed air cone of these suction air coolers ensures optimal drying of the dried conditioned air to the wide dry wall in the back of the room. This creates a homogeneous airfront of 4.5 to 15 meters wide. Behind the space, the air is forced through the channels pressed down and distributed over the storage boxes. The selected fans feature so-called Owlets and Winglets. The owlets provide a quieter fan, because the exhaust air on the blade is “damped” in vibration through this fan blade geometry. The winglets provide a better seal between the airfoil and the air cone, which increases the efficiency of the construction and little extra air losses occur between rotor and stator

DX-Cooling Groups for an LBK

V-ORD-13-1395 van Cleven Luchtgroep 1 Rechts_01When you ask for a special, you can also get a special. For a particular application in a LBK air handling cabinet, the customer’s desire was a gradual build up of capacity so that eventually with multiple individual compressors the air temperature and moisture content can be controlled. With DX cooling blocks with multi-woven spider heads, per unit, the power is adjustable in steps of 1/6 to 1/1 of the total available cooling power. Each battery has a size of 1250 x 3100 [mm] with a power of 260 [kW] on the 1st stage and 130 [kW] on the 2nd stage. The total installed power is 780 [kW] per air group.

DX-Cooling Groups for an LBK

V-ORD-13-1337 de Laat 27x Citronex - Polen_19For use in ripening bananas a number of cooling blocks have been built, with water as a cold carrier. With the 6 degree water supplied water, at 42,000 [m3 / h] air flow and a power of 25 [kW], the cell temperature is maintained at 10 degrees. The air flow rate is adjustable with EC technology axial fans. The cooling blocks on legs are fitted with a leak box under the block and are provided with flange connectors for access and drainage of the cold carrier. Also, a number of electrical heating elements are installed for navel heating of the air