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Freddomatic is flexible and involved a manufacturer of Copper-aluminum heat exchangers for refrigeration installation.

Welcome to the Freddomatic website. Freddomatic derives from Italian and means of refrigeration. From Maastricht Freddomatic has been known for more than 50 years as a company which is dedicated to production of copper – aluminum heat exchangers for commercial refrigeration and freezing. Began as an importer and wholesale of mostly Italian Freddomatic products has become a major producer of custom and mass production of heat exchangers, particularly for the Dutch and European market for refrigeration equipment. Strong point here is the link of their own expertise to the specifications of the client.

The production is entirely in their own hands and will take place in Maastricht. This leads to supply both heat exchangers complete with fans as well as semi-finished products, which are assembled by the customer to a full installation. The application of the products is roughly divided into a number of categories «n: Cooling for the food industry, such as cooling, store, shop counters, and issuance buffets. Application in agricultural activities such as fruit production, horticultural nurseries and flower bulbs; Further application for transport refrigeration and air conditioning.

All Freddomatic heat exchangers are made of oxygen-free copper pipes with pressed-on (99.9% purity), aluminum fins. Freddomatic heat exchangers are after fabrication, pressure tested with nitrogen and provided with pressure transported for optimum leak-tightness especially at commissioning.

We produce 4 different slat-Geometría «n and work with three different copper tube-diameters (smooth tube). End plates and casing are made of galvanized steel or aluminum, entirely in accordance with klantenspecifikatie.