DX-Cooling Groups for an LBK

V-ORD-13-1395 van Cleven Luchtgroep 1 Rechts_01When you ask for a special, you can also get a special. For a particular application in a LBK air handling cabinet, the customer’s desire was a gradual build up of capacity so that eventually with multiple individual compressors the air temperature and moisture content can be controlled. With DX cooling blocks with multi-woven spider heads, per unit, the power is adjustable in steps of 1/6 to 1/1 of the total available cooling power. Each battery has a size of 1250 x 3100 [mm] with a power of 260 [kW] on the 1st stage and 130 [kW] on the 2nd stage. The total installed power is 780 [kW] per air group.